Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who are my..

My name  Mohd Zulhisam b Mohd Zin. My friend called me isey. I’m 23th years old. I’m studies in University Utara Malaysia In course International Business (IB).  I come Pasir puteh Kelantan. My father  Mohd  Zin  bin Yaacob. He is 59th year olds. My  father works  as farmer.  My mother is siti  salma bt mat. She is 55th years old. She  work as housekeeping. I  have 9  sibling. I’m number six.  My brother and sister already married.  My hobby  is listening  music  and play futsal.. but I’m  not  a  good  player..

this  is  my pic…

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  1. Ok... looking forward for your 2nd assignment..